Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 Review


WOW.  I was unable to watch this episode on Sunday night but made up for that last night and again this afternoon to make sure I was clear on everything that happened.  I hollered, my jaw scraped the floor and I even shed actual tears, *covers eyes*.  In spite of some scenes being somewhat dark, it enjoyed it immensely and it was definitely one of my favourite episodes to date.

Diving right into favourite scenes/moments:

1. Ramin Djawadi’s score, particularly the music from the moment that Sansa took the dragonglass dagger out (that Arya gave to her) and handed it to Tyrion.  For a few moments I was in puuuurrree panic mode, swearing that Tyrion was about to meet his end in the crypts (Cue Jamie Foxx’s “Oh Lawd Jesus”).  The haunting sounds of the piano became even more appropriate during the Night King’s stare down with Bran/Three Eyed Raven/Annoyance followed by Arya coming in to save the day.

2. Tyrion kissing Sansa’s hand.  It seems so odd that a moment like this between these two characters could be heart-melting because there are so few genuine tender moments shared by GOT characters.  There’s alot of anger in Westeros, I think it’s a good place for a couple psychiatrists to set up shop.

3. Clegane! Clegane! Clegane!  Poor poor Sandor, there is no good time for a panic attack.  I felt the Hound’s fear and despair but at the same time I was hollering at him to get the *&^% out there and fight!

4. Melisandre lighting up the Dothraki arakhs, a beautiful sight.  Not so beautiful when the majority of them got killed a few minutes later though, damn.

5. The Night King’s smile (WTF?) and the fact that his movements sounded like cracking ice.  He even had a little swag to him, although I think he could have done more.  I guess he prefers his peeps to do the real dirty work.  Dany’s facial expression was priceless when she realised he was still alive, like I’m the unburnt, not you! WTF?

6. Arya in the library.  Gotdamb!  One of the most suspenseful scenes I have ever watched, ever.  I felt like I was there with her, and as for when she stabbed the female wight and it fell on her shoulder, I nearly toppled over.

7. The Night King directing the wights to create a path through the fire by piling on top of each other so the rest of their army could storm the castle.  Seriously?  At that moment, I was silent screaming.

8. Ayra GOAT Stark.  I was stunned but so happy when she ended up being the person to end the Night King in the same way he was created and it being the same catspaw dagger that was used in the assassination attempt on Bran.  Her entire story led her to that point.  Yassssssss!!!

9. Branch, er Bran – “I’m going to go now”.  Theon – “Go where”?  Thank you Theon, exactly.  Weirdo.

10. Drogon’s “hug” when Dany cradled Ser Jorah’s head in her lap as he was dying.  You couldn’t help but feel all the feels when that happened.

Random observations:

1. How did Dany know where to aim her dragon fire?  I suppose it could have been closer to the back of the wight pack than the front where the Winterfell armies were fighting.

2. Ser Jorah has now gone to the great Friendzone in the Sky.  RIP man.

3. Anybody went to check on Sam yet? Is he still crying on the ground?

4. What road did Melisandre take to get there? How did she avoid the army of the dead? I guess Waze took her the long way from Volantis to Winterfell, shrugs.

5. So Bear Island has no more Mormonts?  Does Sam get to take back Heartsbane?

6. There were only a few White Walkers with the Night King when they did their cool slo mo walk to Bran compared to the larger number at the end of last week’s episode.  I guess these guys were his consigliere, underbosses and capos?  The rest were soldiers I guess?  But what would that make the wights?  Ah, forget it.

7. Why did Bran warg for so long?  Is he studying to become an actual Raven?  Did he see what was going to happen and knew that Arya was coming to save him?

8. RIP Lyanna Mormont.  This was where I shed some tears.  She went out like a bawse though.

9. What was up with the looks that Bran and the Night King shared?  I feel in my heart of hearts that there is more to that but maybe not.  We have bigger Cercei’s to fry next week.

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