Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 Review


Sooo, after last night there are two more episodes in this beloved but more recently very heavily critiqued series.  I don’t know how to feel about it except to say that (1) cramming an epic story such as this one into 6 episodes for the final season have come at the cost of plot holes, extreme fan service and much plot armour, especially after the measured pacing of the first 6 seasons (we do not speak of season 5 and the failed Dorne plot) and (2) we also need to look at this fairly as few series please all viewers and this one is unprecedented in terms of its sheer scale and cost, so I give jack his jacket for the magnitude of work that would have gone into its making.

I will however add that as a book reader, there has been a stark (pun intended) change in writing from where GRRM’s books ended and where the writing solely for television began.  I am not surprised about the change at all, especially as I think that GRRM is some sort of genius in the way that he set out the entire story in his mind and put it to paper, which television writers are unlikely to have the time or even money to fully execute.  A television series or movie will hardly ever be as detailed as a book series, it’s attempting to compare apples to oranges.

I still believe that it is one of the greatest shows if not the greatest television show of all time, when it’s looked at from the perspective of the production value and its worldwide impact.  I am beyond curious as to how this story will end and of course I hope not to be disappointed two weeks from now.  Honestly, I liked but didn’t love episode 4 and have questions, some which come from an annoyed place, especially after watching episode 3 again.  Anyway, let’s dive into it.

Favourite/standout moments/sources of exasperation:

1. Sansa tearfully putting the Stark letter opener/medal of honour on Theon’s body was emotional and a nice touch.

2. Did Dany really think that no one would see through her legitimising of Gendry?  At least Tyrion was there to call her out.

3. Did Gendry really think that Ayra would be excited at the prospect of picking out drapes and hosting dinners at Storm’s End?  These Baratheon men need to give up on these Stark girls, they’ll be the death of them.

4. Sansa and these cut-eyes though, she could be part Bajan.

5. I-Robot, sorry, Bran, is annoying me big time.  I really really hope that there’s some really, really, super big plot twist before the end of the series that shows his point other than telling everyone who will listen in a monotone voice that he lives in the past now. .

6. I can’t figure out whether to feel really badly for Dany because of the fact that she may never see her life’s work come to fruition or to just see the back of her now that she is becoming obsessed with being Queen, at the cost of turning into her father

7. Sansa’s conversation with the Hound about her no longer being a “Little Bird”.  She learnt at the feet of Cercei, Littlefinger and Ramsay, some of the best in Westeros.  I’m glad she turned a comment about her traumatic past around to show that she is more shrewd, thoughtful and sensible than her earlier self.  Although, I hate that it was due to being raped, manipulated and tortured but this is GOT and this is what we have to work with.

Random, all over the place observations:

1. I can now see why Ned Stark kept his trap shut about Jon, even to the detriment of his marriage.

2. How the hell did Dany and the dragons not see irritating-fishman-Euron and his ships?  What is the point of flying so high? I need him to die soon and bad.

3. Qyburn been busy in dem factories making scorpions!  Also, he looks like he needs to go down to Naath for a much needed bath.

4. Awww, Bae-Worm!  Ladies, he is newly single and needs a hug or two, although I don’t think he’ll ever get over Missandei, sigh…

5. If Jon doesn’t do something major in the next two episodes, what would have been the point of bringing him back?  To holler at a dragon as he did last week?

6. Who let Bronn into Winterfell with a big ass crossbow?  I guess he shimmied through one of the holes left by Viserion? It was such a random scene.  How did he know where to find the Lannister bros?

7. Jaime and Brienne, I’m actually happy about this and I knewww it wouldn’t last.  Jaime needed to go back and finish his sister.  I really hope it’s him and not Arya.

8. “To climbing mountains”, snigger.

9. Missandei’s last words were brave and made sense in the situation but I’m still pissed that she died.  I wanted Instastories from Naath man, damn.

10. How did Jon not even give Ghost a last pet, tummy rub, nothing?  Wah de jail is dis?  How he let the wolf guh long so?

11.Why did Dany not Dracarys irritating-fishman-Euron’s fleet?  Not even two boats?  I know they’re setting up for a showdown but it seemed unlike her to not torch at least some of them.

12. Do we need to bring Maury in for the Euron/Cercei/Jaime situation?

13. Cersei really hates Euron, look at her cringe after he gets up from being on his knee. Is he that dumb that he can’t see that?

14. After watching the first three Lord of the Rings movies, I said, “Get you a Sam”.  I’ll say it again after watching GOT.  GET.YOU.A.SAM and maybe a Tormund, because you always need that friend that makes everything more fun.

15. How did nooo-ooonnee see the coffee cup next to Emilia Clarke when they were filming?  Especially since Benioff and Weiss, the show’s producers, were dressed as Wildlings in the same scene?



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