Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2 Review


This episode had me all in my feelings, Big Sigh.  So many “aww” moments.  This episode before the battle for Winterfell (Excited much!) was all about more reunions, possible goodbyes and finding the best ways to spend your last night on earth.  As much as I love watching well done battle scenes, the Battle of the Bastards being my absolute favourite, followed by Hardhome, my favourite parts of GOT are the one-on-one interactions between characters and this episode gave us nothing but that.

Moving right along to my favourite scenes:

1. Dany’s wtf face when everyone began to stand up (Brienne, sorry Ser Brienne of Tarth, literally) for Jaime.  I just need Jon to sing “Unbend my kneee” to her before the season is over.  I mean, “What does the Warden of the North” say? Excuse you?  To be honest, while she is getting on my last nerve, I can’t help but feel badly for her.  She’s been fighting her entire life for one thing and now that thing is big time threatened by the one person she loves.

2. “The things we do for love” from the robot formerly known as Bran.  *Cackle*.  He really knows how to drop one liners during these trial thingys.

3. “The big lady still here?”, the giant woman story? The inability to not messily drink out of a horn?  Tormund, Tormund, Tormund.  You need….ya know what?  You need an award for just being you.  I don’t know what else to say about him except, don’t kill him off.  Let him live, puh-leeeeaase.

4. Ayra just being bad ass, nailing the targets with the dragonglass knives (a definite turn on for my boy Gendry), playing “show me the ho-fax” with Gendry before getting hers in the most no-nonsense way possible.

5. Brienne’s face (Is this man for real???) after Tormund told his giant story chased by messy horn drinking.

6. Podrick’s singing (not bad at all!) with the montage of Winterfellians getting ready for battle.  Reminded me of that sad sad scene in Titanic showing all those poor people moments before their deaths.

7. Ser Davos serving soup (I assume it was onion!) to the little girl who wanted to fight alongside her brothers, aww! I know he was thinking of Shireen and I choked up a little.

8. Brienne being knighted by Jaime (more choking up) was so fitting and so well done and so, I don’t want her to die. Make her not die dammit!

9. Grey Worme and Missandei dreaming of escaping the crappy north and it’s xenophobic, racist citizens for the beaches of Naath (please, no dying for either of them, pretty please).

10. Dany and Sansa’s heart to heart that turned into Dany going umm, I’m gonna take my hand off of yours and do my own thing because clearly you don’t have any plans of respecting me and ain’t nobody got time to pretend to be friendly.

Random thoughts

– How many White Walkers are there? There looked like an awful lot of zombie men on zombie horses, 90-something maybe?  Craster did boast about having 99 sons and only a few White Walkers have been killed in the show so far.

– I LOVE Beric Donarrion’s voice.

– Where is the Night King?  Silently hovering above his brothers? Gone down to King’s Landing to check out Cersei first?  Maybe he already knows of Winterfell’s plan to take him down so that all the White Walkers and wights die and took a detour for a light snack?

– Will Ser Jorah Friendzone survive the battle?  I feel like he’s served his purpose but who knows when it comes to this show.

– Will Dany be able to shake off the worst “let’s just be friends” breakup speech ever and focus on fighting the army of the dead?

– Does Sam realise that Gilly is technically the aunt of all the White Walkers if they really are all Craster’s sons?  Is Little Same safe?

– Does the Night King only really want to kill Bran?  How is Theon really going to defend Bran?  Theon doesn’t have the best track record.

– What about the theory that Arya is really the Waif?  We never saw the Waif die, what if the Waif stole Arya’s face and headed to Winterfell?  I hope this isn’t true, I’d be pissed.

– Sooo, the crypts being filled with dead Starks + Northern women and children, Sam, Gilly, Tyrion and Varys + 90-something White Walkers + 100,000 wights who probably have some sort of back door key to the crypts = Reanimated wight Starks + Reanimated Northern women and children, Sam, Gilly, Tyrion and Varys + 90-something White Walkers + 100,000 wights??? @#%&!

Anyways, a longer than usual episode filled with action next week.  Cannot wait.

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