Getting fit in a sea of Puddin’ and Souse, Patties, Macaroni Pie and Rice and Stew

Touchy subject but I’m a put my hands all over it…

Mannnn, I’ve tried, I really have, but it’s been a struggle.

Part of it is my love for food. Fishcakes, oxtails and broad beans, rotis, puddin’ and souse, brownies, patties, doubles, wing dings, red pea soup…I could go on…The other part of it is lack of discipline and sometimes, scheduling.

I know I can do it though, I accomplished my goal twice, once in 2010 thanks to my then personal trainer Christy Hive and in 2014 thanks to a combination of adhering to the 28 day “Fit Girls Guide” meal plan and to my classes at Move 2 More gym and a strict at home regime (see pic).  Result?  I was happy and felt better mentally and physically.  Sidebar:  I do not want to be skinny, just healthy and fit.

The challenges?  Sigh, the high cost of healthy food in Barbados.  The government has expressed its intention to impose a tax on soft drinks in Barbados but why not go further by removing VAT or creating some sort of incentives for persons to buy healthy food?  This is not something we can go half way on.

The other challenge? For me, scheduling plays a big part.  My gym offers classes that I actually enjoy, like pole fitness, real ryder and soon, urban ballet.  Issue? Some evenings I simply cannot attend classes.  I hate hate hate lifting weights and running on a treadmill.  I have seen the benefits of lifting and I’ve tried it but I also have to be careful because of my back injury but guess what?  Sometimes even heading to a gym which isn’t restricted to specific class times is still not possible.  Truth:  You have to make the time.

However, all is not lost as the best part about having a tomorrow means that we can start over.  If you’re having difficulty with meals or exercise, the good thing is that in Barbados, there are many options.

I promise to challenge myself and to make the time.  Let’s do it together.

To start – The Basics:


Start by cutting out fast and junk food, drink more water and substitute water for sugary juice and soft drinks, cook more and cut down on the salt and sugar added to meals. Eat more fruit and make half of your plate green and yellow vegetables.

If you wish to go further, consult with a nutritionist or a medical practitioner and get those weekly meal plans together.

Doesn’t mean that you can’t eat fishcakes every now and then though…


Start with cardio, it’s a good way to lose weight and increase endurance and if you’re not disciplined enough, bring a friend along and go running.  Or go swimming, take a yoga class or set up an at-home regime without the need for equipment.

Or, join a gym.  There are traditional gyms, then there is Crossfit, Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks, Wuk Up Work out, you name it.  A couple links are below.



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    1. Thank you! Happy that it has helped.


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