Unapologetically Me

How many of us can say this and mean it?

My birthday is coming up and because of a number of things that have happened over the past year, I’ve thought more and more about whether I am happy with who I am. I am one of the biggest believers in self improvement and seeking to enhance different aspects of one’s life but I also think that if you are constantly searching you won’t take the time to stop and understand but also appreciate yourself.

There is no need to strictly categorise yourself.  I think that if you try to fit into a particular box you may turn into a hardened cube that finds it difficult to shift shape.  I don’t mean that you shouldn’t live by certain values that you set for yourself, I mean try as much as you can to do what makes you happy.

If that means that you’re an accountant who likes to surf, a teacher who plays competitive Halo online or a scientist who rides motorcycles, then enjoy that part of your life that isn’t “typical”.  Who cares if someone says that you don’t “look” like you should be engaging in a particular activity.  It’s your life.

Life is too unpredictable to be afraid to live it.  With everything that is happening in the world now, take the chances that pass your way.  Sometimes we are afraid to see them but they are right in front of you.  Whether that opportunity translates into income or puts a smile on your face, do it, you will feel so much better.

Who am I? An extroverted introvert.  I love to spend time with others and to entertain but sometimes I don’t want to answer my phone.  Some weekends I want to get out and party and others my bed and Netflix are the best experience.

I love Adele and John Legend as much as I love Stiffy Plug In, Machel, the Mighty Gabby and Bob Marley.  I will dance all night long but I will also tell you that I want to leave the fete after two hours because I’m not feeling it.

I am flip flops and jeans one day, makeup and stilettos the next.  I get teary-eyed at dance recitals and love drawing and painting, although I’m not the best.  I am fanatical about movies and Hollywood but can tell you who won Road March every Crop Over since 1980 in Barbados.

Crop Over makes me weak.  I hate conflict. I am shy. Terrified of bees and large roaches.  Enjoy teaching and speaking to young people. I am a grammar nazi (can I say that word?).  Love traveling to new countries but hate flying.

So yeah, I am Unapologetically Me. Feels good to say it and mean it.

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  1. DhyvD says:

    You could be a Grammar Ultra-Pharisee. They did want to stone people for having a good time, and were a key part of the conspiracy to kill their own Messiah. Which, I think, is ever worse than Nazis. Only non-Nazis tried to kill Hitler, after all… an it wasn’t just the Messiah, they killed anyone who wasn’t in line with their particular interpretation of “the Law”, pressuring or killing anyone who questioned their authority to tell people what to do with their personal lives.

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