Review: Paint & Groove

I heard about Paint & Groove from a colleague who had attended one of the painting parties for a friend’s birthday.  I was immediately intrigued as a former art student (good at drawing terrible at painting, lol) and generally someone who likes to try something different.

What is Paint & Groove?  It’s a painting party at which for a fee, you are provided with a canvas, paint brushes, paint and smocks and depending on the cost, snacks and drinks are included. The instructor, Yasmin Vizcarrondo, brings a painting which she has already painted and shows you step by step how to recreate it.

20151022_175037 “Groovers” waiting for the party to begin.

Sounds difficult? Nahhh, it’s so much fun! No experience necessary! Yasmin literally takes you from the beginning to the end of the painting by taking you through the brushstrokes, how to mix the paints, going from the base, outlining and filling of the particular theme.

It is simply an evening to have fun with friends, eat, drink some wine and listen to music.  The best part of it all is that you have created your own piece of art which is all yours and it’s great to see the different interpretations of the paintings.

20151022_172603 “Dragonfly” instructor’s painting – October 22nd, 2015.

20151022_175228 20151022_184618

Wine and Pizza at Paint & Groove at Nineteen on the Green at Barbados Golf Club, Durants, Christ Church, Barbados.

20151022_180421 20151022_200433

From left, Yasmin giving Groovers tips on the next steps for the painting and right, Groovers putting the fininshing touches on their dragonflies.

Find out more about Paint & Groove, times and cost from their Facebook page:

Some photos from recent sessions:

12140635_1003042323071368_3860915574076182444_n 12190124_1005656626143271_7482263524687214526_n 12140551_1000222290020038_1447118203795933017_n

Dates for the November sessions should be released soon.  Check out the Facebook page for more information.


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  1. Yasmin Vizcarrondo says:

    Thanks so much for your review Danielle, lovely said….You had captured the essence of P&G



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