Vacation Puh-leeeaase!!!!

Don’t have a lot to say tonight except that Rih Rih’s article in Vanity Fair gives me all the feels but more on that later when I’m not yawning myself into oblivion.

Have you ever been so tired that it feels like work to even breathe? *Slowly raises hand*

I CANNOT RIGHT NOW. JUST CANNOT. NOT RIGHT NOW. Must…get…some…sleep… for at least two, er, make that three days…

Man, I remember I couldn’t wait to be an adult.  Like, you know, have a job, my own money and what have you. But now, I need a break from adulting. Do you ever feel that way?  No bills, no stress, food + tv + bed = All the fun.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to God for my life and all that but I think that sometimes we extend ourselves waaaayyy beyond our limits and then say, “I wish we had 26 hours in the day.”

You know what? If we had 26 we would want 30, and if we had 30, we would be crying for a 40 hour day, so guess not.  We need to manage our time better and re-assess what we are doing and how we are doing it.  Maybe it’s time to eliminate something or maybe we just need to change the time we carry out a particular task.

Me? I’m just gonna try and get some sleep.  Don’t want to be falling on my face like today.

Althoughhh, I can always imagine myself here, on my dream vacation in Santorini.  Just a few days here will make it all better :).


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