What New Shows Did I Watch/Am I Watching this Quarantine?

I’m listing what I’ve watched during the last 5 weeks (and a few from early March when I was on sick leave with the flu).  This list also doesn’t count any of the YouTube channels I subscribe to (like “This is Jodi”, “Patricia Bright”, “Tami Chin Mitchell”, “Lovelyti”, “Funky Dineva”) or any movies or tv shows that I’ve watched more than once or watch on occasion (like “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”, “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”).   You might get some ideas, unless you’ve already seen them all:

1. The Last Dance (docuseries on the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls team on Netflix)

2. Unorthodox (Semi-autobiographical drama series on Netflix about a Hasidic Jewish woman who leaves her community.  I was deeply moved)

3. Little Fires Everywhere (Drama, and I mean drama about two families from different backgrounds and how their lives are affected by each other.  From Hulu)

4. The Deer Hunter (Classic movie about the Vietnam war)

5. Apocalypse Now (Another Vietnam war movie classic)

6. The Breakfast Club (Classic teen movie from the 80’s)

7. St. Elmo’s Fire (Classic young adult movie from the 80’s)

8. Love is Blind (Crazy reality dating show on Netflix)

9. Don’t F*&k with Cats (Disturbing af true crime story on Netflix)

10. Elite Season 3 (Spanish Drama on Netflix (dubbed over in English) about rich teens in a high school.  Gossip Girl, this is not)

11. Dirty Money (Docuseries on Netflix about bad business people. Interesting episodes about Donald Trump and Jared Kushner)

12. #BlackAF (Mockumentary on Netflix starring Kenya Barris, creator of “Black-ish” about him and his family)

13. Tiger King (Madness on Netflix but watch it)

14. The Movies (Docuseries on the history of movies from the 1930s to the 2000s. On HBO/CNN)

15. Family Karma (Reality show on Bravo about Indian-American families in Miami)

16. Shahs of Sunset (Reality show on Bravo about Persian-American families in Los Angeles)

17. Parasite (2020 Best Picture Oscar winner, South Korean but dubbed over in English.  An awesome movie)


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