Favourite Shows of 2018

I watched A LOT of television in 2018, partially due to being on sick leave for a month and partially due to the best thing since Sbarro’s chicken pizza, i.e. Netflix.  Not sure how 2019 will go tv-watching wise but if you have time and you haven’t yet, I suggest you try the following:

1. Black Mirror – Netflix (Will make you want to throw all your tech away)

2. Game of Thrones – HBO (Will make you holler at your tv and incorporate the words “Winter is Coming” into everyday language, even if you live in a winter-less country)

3. Greenleaf – Netflix (More hollering)

4. Big Little Lies – HBO (Very absorbing storyline, addresses domestic abuse in a wealthy household and yes, hollering)

5. Elite – Netflix (teen drama with English dubbed over Spanish, not your average soapy drama.  All American (see 6) it is not)

6. All American – CW (Mushy, fluff-filled soapy teen drama)

7. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – HBO (So very informative but I’m sure if Trump could deport him I’m sure he would)

8. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah – Comedy Central (See 7 above)

9. The Patriot Act with Hassan Minhaj – Netflix (See 7 and 8 above, although he’s American so sorry, no deportation)

10. Quincy – HBO (Quincy Jones is phenomenal, a living legend.  Also teaches you that with immense genius and success comes much heartbreak.  I shed some tears at the end)

11. Narcos and Narcos: Mexico – Netflix (Gotdamb! Shook! Shows what can happen when intelligence is applied to illegal activities. Oh and Best theme song next to GOT)

12. Who Shot the Sheriff – Netflix (A good history lesson)

13. The Affair – Showtime/Netflix (Shows how two halves of a couple will never see the same situation in the same way and how one decision could send your life hurtling down a path of destruction)

14. Drug Lords – Netflix – “Christopher Coke: Jamaica’s Narco Prince” (I had no idea his reach extended so far)

15. Freeway: Crack in the System – Netflix (Shows how complicated the “War on Drugs” really was and the fact that rapper Rick Ross is a fraud and a half)

Honourable mentions first watched in 2017 but re-watched in 2018, “Time:  The Kalief Browder Story” and “13th”.  All I can do is shake my head.


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