Westerosi weather: “Yeah Wintuh, wuh gine on fam?”

Winter: “I hay fam, I hay.”

So winter came last night in teeny tiny snowflakes on Jaime Lannister’s coat and on Cersei’s (may she die a horrible, drawn out death) floor map thanks to Blue Flame Undead Viserion and the Baddest King Who Doth Not Speak.

While the season 7 finale did not leave me ready to head to the nearest medical centre as did the season 6 finale when I silent screamed for the chupid High Septon to listen to Marjorie or when I hollered when Tommen executed his best attempt at base jumping without his gear, it tied together things pretty nicely. I would say it was one for the fans for the most part. Which means we’re gonna bawlll next season.

Favorite parts:

  1. Cersei’s power gowns. Listen to me, Ms. Lannister is in a constant state of slayage.  Dany’s (I can call you that, right?) coat from last week made me want to immediately head for the nearest country with winter but Cercei’s outfits for the season gave me my entire life.
  1. The painful suspense throughout the failed lets get together for the good of the company meeting when Tyrion, Davos (Flea Bottom stand up!), Jon, Dany, The Hound (My Man… *Denzel in Training Day voice*) and Theon thought that Cersei was ’bout to do something crazy.  I legit felt like I was right there in the dragon pit about to wet my pants.
  1. The intense conversation between Tyrion and Cersei about children and killing and betrayal and whatnot.  I genuinely felt the emotion of that scene.  Props to Lena Heady and Peter Dinklage for the best acted scene of the episode.
  1. Littlefinger’s “Buh buh, er wha…am…er…eep…oh shite…” reaction when Sansa turned to him to let him know she knew alllll about his scheming for the past 7 seasons (thanks the Bran The Weird).  I was freaking out up to when she turned to face him, like, girl you reaaallyy gonna kill your sister because of what this jar of Dax Grease told you?  Fuh real?  Then I “Yessed” like Nicholas Cage when she called him out.  The man had the gall to get on his knees and grovel B!  Like cry and dribble grovel. Then our favourite assassin Ayra ended him with his own catspaw knife.  Muahhahahaha! Pouring out some liquor for Pete?  Nah B, save it for someone else.
  1. Jon + Dany = incest (weeping in Dothraki) interspersed with Bran (I can see everything in the past and present but only when I feel like or directed) Stark and Samwell (best maester-in-training and Lord of his house since his dad and brother got bar-bee-cueed by Dany First of Her Name) Tarly finally discussing what viewers knew already about Jon’s parents.  I love both characters but Iclapamclapnotclaphereclapforclapthis!  Things just got wayyyy screwed up because I feel Jon’s gonna flip next season when he finds out that the Lurve of his Life is his Aunty.  I know, I know, this is not a feel good show where everything works out.  Although, I have to acknowledge that he clearly does his squats….
  1. The Baddest Blue Bad flying in on the dragon formerly known as Viserion.  We all knew it was coming but it was still weirdly satisfying to see the wall come down and the army of the dead make their way like easy on a Sunday morning through the place where the wall once stood.  Pleasepleaseplease Lord of Light or the Seven or the Old Gods and New, let my favourite Ginger live!  Tormund better be somewhere under that snow come episode 1 of season 8. He has to fight Jaime for Brienne and make his wish come true for them to have giant babies!

Questions and observations:

  1. What did Tyrion promise Cersei when he noticed she was pregnant?  The way he was looking at the door when #loveonaboat was happening makes me wonder if he promised some sacrifice of any baby Dany has for the life of his new nephew or niece? Or maybe he promised Cersei that Dany was unable to have any more children?  ‘Cause we can be rest assured that next season Dany will be running to the Westerosi pharmacy to buy all the First Response.
  1. I love how winter came with the faint snowfall which was a complete shock to Jaime. Hope King’s Landing’s residents paid all their light bills so they can see and turn on the heat during the long night.
  1. Why did Rhaegar look like Viserys’ twin cousin?
  1. Why did Rhaegar name both of his sons Aegon?
  1. How is Jaime gonna whack Cercei next season?
  1. Can the Night King bypass Winterfell and keep south?  Like for real I just want the Starks to be able to chill (pun intended) for once!

A whole year and some for the final six episodes?  HBO y’all playing with my emotions man.  Dis tew murch.


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