Taking Charge

Hey! It’s been a minute since I shared my thoughts through the internets.  Well, it’s been crazy.  So many things happened since my last post that I felt like I was between drowning and just not giving a crap.  Ever happened to you? That feeling like there’s so much going on that you can’t take the time to consistently do the things that make you happy?

I felt that way for a while and recently decided to really do something about it.  Not just talk or fantasise about it, actually take charge of my life.

How many of us always  feel tired, can’t get enough sleep, suffer from a lack of motivation to do little else other than go to work, eat and sleep (because you have to) or even spend time with friends or family?  How many of us are generally unhappy with our personal situation?  Guess what, there’s nothing wrong with you. We all feel that way sometimes.

Unfortunately more and more I am personally experiencing or hearing stories about extreme stress, sudden illnesses or even death of people of all ages and backgrounds. Because of this, it’s become more apparent that while we may have little to no control over what affects our lives, we need to make the effort to do the best we can to enjoy it.

The trick is, to take some quiet time to really think about what truly makes you happy.  I wrote a list (For I am List Queen) and you will realise that there may be a number of things which you can draw from.  It may be something as simple as going to the beach in the evening and sitting and watching the waves crash into the shore.  It may be a dance class, helping others or zoning out by catching up on your favourite series (Narcos Season 2!).  Whatever “doing you” is, you should take the time to do it.  Sometimes you simply have to say “no”.  That continues to be difficult for me but I am working on it.  Truthfully, it’s a matter of doing what’s best for you and making  that a priority, even if you have to shelve being the “yes” person for a time.

We have one life to live.  Let’s try our best to take charge of ours and enjoy as much of it as we can.



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